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Defend Justice And Safeguard Your Civil Rights

Let Me Help You With Your Legal Troubles

I am attorney Tiffany Drahota. When you’re accused of a crime or facing discrimination in the Denver metro area, you can count on me to give you the thorough, tenacious and professional representation you deserve.

Since I began practicing in 2010, I’ve built an experience that can give you a competitive advantage in your case. I’ve worked as a public defender, taking on civil rights cases, which has allowed me to get to know and navigate the Colorado state court system very well. I thoroughly understand the intentions and motivations of judges, prosecutors and opposing attorneys and utilize that knowledge in every case I manage.

Providing Reassurance And Judgement-Free Counsel

If you’re facing criminal charges, civil rights violations or discrimination from your employer, your emotions are running high. These situations can already be confusing, but it can be hard to keep the facts and figures straight on your own when they personally affect you. When we meet, I first want to listen to what you say. I have no comments, no judgments and no hindsight to offer. Tell me your story and what you’d like to happen at the end of your case. Once I fully understand your situation and feel like I can walk a mile in your shoes, I utilize my extensive legal knowledge and connections to forensic and other professionals to create a tailored and effective legal strategy, whether you’re on offense or defense. I only begin this work when I know every detail and every fact of your case inside and out.

No case is too big or too challenging for me to take on. Whatever problems you come into my office with, I am ready to handle them quickly and confidently.

If you’d like to learn more about my approach to handling civil rights and criminal cases and the successful track record I’ve built using this approach, call my firm at 303-990-5145. To read more about my background and qualifications, please read my biography:

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I Care About The Outcome As Much As You Do

No matter if you’re facing a criminal charge or seeking justice, I know how much you weigh on the outcome of your case. I am passionate about my work and invest my whole self in representing your needs and best interests. My duty is to level the playing field, especially when facing the state government or your employer. When you work with me, you can expect me to:

  • Thoroughly scrutinize the evidence brought forward by the prosecutors
  • Question the legality of the evidence obtained by the police
  • Collect thorough evidence of employer discrimination, mistreatment or harassment
  • Make a compelling argument as to how the authorities violated your constitutional rights
  • Collaborate with forensic analysts, witnesses and other professionals who can testify on your behalf

These efforts and strategies can increase your chances of seeking the results you want out of your case. While I cannot promise or predict outcomes, I can put my tenacious efforts and my years of experience to good work, so you know that you’re doing everything you can to protect your rights, your dignity and your reputation.

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I take pride in my work, and you can benefit from hiring me as your lawyer. As the sole attorney at Drahota Defense LLC, you can confidently pursue your legal best interests.

Call me at 303-990-5145 or visit my contact page to schedule your free initial consultation.

While my office is in Denver proper, I take cases throughout the metro, including Jefferson County and the Front Range in Colorado.