My Work Is To
Defend Justice And Safeguard Your Civil Rights

Tiffany J. Drahota

Tiffany J. Drahota


Practice Areas

  • Criminal Defense
  • Civil Rights
  • Employment Law (plaintiff)


Tiffany founded Drahota Defense LLC in 2015 after the birth of her first child. She knew that she could continue to engage in meaningful indigent defense, while being a hands-on mom to her then son, and now her two children. Prior to starting her own law firm, Tiffany was a Public Defender in Arapahoe County, Colorado and worked at a preeminent civil rights firm in Denver, Colorado, trying federal and state cases. Since 2015, Tiffany has built a practice that is largely devoted to criminal defense, where she takes tough, complicated cases through trial. She has tried many cases, including homicide cases. Tiffany has obtained numerous acquittals for her clients. In addition to murder charges, Tiffany has represented people facing robbery, sexual assault and attempted murder charges. Tiffany handles everything from low-level misdemeanors to sex offenses to domestic violence cases.

When Tiffany agrees to represent you, she agrees to take on the system and work towards a result that reflects your needs. Often Tiffany builds a team of investigators, social workers, experts and co-counsel. The team works each and every aspect of a case from mitigation and pre-trial negotiations (behind-the-scenes) to challenging the evidence (in open court) with the assistance of preeminent experts in the field of forensics, DNA, fingerprint, ballistics, cell phone technology, false confessions, suggestibility, memory and any other area of expertise that your case requires. There is no status quo for your case – each case is examined and re-examined in a light that best defends your innocence and to meet your goals. 

Tiffany is unafraid and fierce in the courtroom. She tries cases and she loves being in trial. Tiffany is one of the few attorneys in the state, and the nation, that practices both criminal defense and civil rights. This unique perspective allows Tiffany to defend the false allegations against you, while setting up a civil rights case on your behalf where we can go on the offensive and file a case against the government for government overreach and the violation of your civil rights. 

Tiffany handles all kinds of civil rights cases, including but not limited to, police brutality, Fourth Amendment excessive force, false arrest, unlawful seizure cases, Eighth Amendment cases, Fourteenth Amendment cases and First Amendment cases.