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Law enforcement has a duty to uphold your constitutional rights, whether at a traffic stop or when they’re arresting you. Sadly, countless authorities across Colorado continue to ignore these rights and leave people, especially those in vulnerable communities, to suffer at the hands of their abuses of power.

If you were a victim of police brutality or other forms of civil rights violations, I am here to help.

As the sole attorney at Drahota Defense LLC, I have 13 years of experience handling civil rights cases. I know how important it is to get on the offensive in a criminal case in order to pursue a civil rights case later. Few attorneys understand the intersection of your criminal case and your ability to recover for the violation of your civil rights. I know how to do both and can protect you in both arenas.

  • Police misconduct: Police brutality, excessive force, racial profiling, failing to intervene during excessive force, coercing confessions, mistreatment by jail or corrections officers. It can also include illegal searches and seizures, filing false affidavits to arrest or search.
  • Government censorship of speech: Government agencies, employees or officials censoring speech, videography, content or the right to worship, associate or protest.
  • Denial of due process/equal protection: When the government takes action to falsify, misrepresent, overreach or deny someone a fair trial, or when the government discriminates against or favors one group over another.

These are only a few examples of these infringements. If you have additional questions about whether you’re facing a civil rights violation, call me at 303-990-5145. Yo hablo Español.

Colorado Is A Plaintiff-Friendly State In Police Brutality Cases

While you never want to be the victim of police brutality, the state of Colorado recognizes the injustices of police behavior. It tends to have rules and policies that benefit plaintiffs in these cases. For example, officers must wear body cameras so that if an officer’s actions are questioned, footage is available to demonstrate what happened. Cellphone videos or security camera footage of the incident can also be used as evidence.

Time is of the essence when it comes to putting together a compelling civil rights case. I know what it takes to get a hold of the video evidence, witness statements and perspectives of professionals you need to demonstrate how you were harmed by police. Call me today at 303-990-5145 to start building your case before we head to court.

I Can Help You Navigate Your Case And Pursue Justice

Civil rights cases can be some of the most challenging to solve. However, with my experience, I can tell you how I expect things to play out. When we meet, you can expect me to listen to your story thoroughly. Once I get all the information I need, I can tell you whether or not you have a case. If you do, I can inform you of the steps I’ll need to take to pursue your interests and keep you updated as your case progresses. I am passionate about helping you seek justice and will do whatever it takes to make your voice and concerns heard.

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